Pakistan Engineering Council is amongst few progressive professional entities in the country with prime objective of regulating the engineering profession on internationally bench marked best practices. PEC is playing an important role as a member of Federation of Institutions of Asia and the Pacific (FIEAP), and also actively engaged with other regional professional bodies like FEIIC (Federation of Engineering Institutions of Islamic Countries) and NABEEA (Network of Accreditation Bodies for Engineering Education in Asia). The valuable contributions led PEC on an ambitious journey of becoming a full signatory of Washington Accord in 2017, followed by full Membership of IPEA (International Professional Engineering Alliance).

In the spirit of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), PEC decided to provide a collaborative platform in the form of an International Conference that opens communication channels among different stakeholders – leaders in academia, regulatory/standards bodies, Government and Industry – of Engineering Profession to make it relevant to the societal needs of the country by adhering to the global education standards. Consequently, enabling PEC to adapt and customize international academic and professional standards to the local pedagogy culture and produce world class engineers, capable of solving complex societal problems by having a global vision.

Through this Conference, gathering of all stakeholders would enable industry professionals to provide direct and candid feedback on important graduate attributes, assessed through professional interaction, to the academic leaders. As a consequence, the process of outcome-based education (OBE) and outcome-based accreditation (OBA) could be refined to make it relevant to the requirements of the industry and the society. As a result, engineers would be transformed into the backbone of future knowledge economy of Pakistan.

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